IMPACT Pro and serial assessment

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Curious about this test and benefits of serial assessment with it over the course of 6 month or 1 year? Solid? No? How much is too much? How should it be billed. Asking for a local Athletics Department team.

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I believe the first question should be, should it be used in the first place at all? Garbage validity metrics and issues with reliability.
Well, I don't know? Guess that's essentially what I'm asking.

I mean yes, it would be used for a post-concussion protocol, I suppose? But there are also more serious injury and TBI occurring too.

Would you prefer more traditional neuropsych eval? Nothing at all? Wait how long? There is a return to play issue they are dealing with too, I would assume? Are formal, serial, neuropsych assessments even justified in these TBI situations? Mostly mild to mod TBI I would guess? I know they want to use a community neuropsych as a consultant/evaluator who somewhat advocated for this measure/approach. But some staff (medical and mental health) were a bit skeptical.
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Bijur, P. E., et al. (1996). "Cognitive outcomes of multiple mild head injuries in children." J Dev Behav Pediatr 17(3): 143-148.

Thomas, D. G., et al. (2015). "Benefits of Strict Rest After Acute Concussion: A Randomized Controlled Trial." Pediatrics: peds.2014-0966.
Appreciate and will read.