Importance of Attaining a Reputable PM&R Residency?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by spreesbeers, Jun 17, 2001.

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    PM&R is an up-and-coming field, that is not well known among U.S. medical students. there are only about 80 PM&R residency programs with about 315 residency positions available each year.

    how important is it where you do your residency training? it would be ideal to go to a top 10 ranked PM&R program or a highly reputable program for obvious reasons. but if you end up going to program that you are comfortable with and get good PM&R training, does it matter if your residency program is not highly ranked?

    the reason i am asking is because i know several IMG"s who have gone to "lowly ranked" PM&R programs. but they are good physiatrists now and have successful practices now.

    will going to a "lowly ranked" residency program hurt your chances of getting a fellowship?
  2. Obviously if you are comfortable, that is the most important thing. You will have a more difficult time obtaining a fellowship, however. Of course it is not impossible, but fellowhsips are also based upon connections. If you are going to go to a lower ranked program, try to go to one that has a fellowhip in your desired field or a chairman that has a lot of pull (UTHSCSA comes to mind).

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