Mayo Clinic Visiting Clerkship VS 2weeks at Queen's University (Canada) and University of Manitoba

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Mar 29, 2021
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Hey guys this is a bit of a difficult decision I have to make and just wanted some upper year insight on what I should do.

I am a Canadian Studying Abroad looking to apply for residency next year in the US or Canada. I don't mind where I get residency to be honest, either or would be fine (East coast for both would be ideal). I just want to make sure I'm competitive enough in both countries to have a chance at matching. This is where my dilemma arises. I've been trying to organize visiting rotations this Summer in both countries so that I can boost my CV and become competitive at applying Internal Med. I've managed to already set up 3 weeks of CTU-internal med at University of Ottawa (in June), but am now stuck on what to do for the month of July.

I've applied to the Mayo Clinic Clerkship program (4 weeks) and also a few 2 week rotations in Canada (Queens and UofM). I've been recently offered both 2 week rotations in Canada but won't find out about Mayo for another 1-6 weeks apparently. Accepting the Canadian rotations are very expensive and I don't want to just forget about my Mayo application without seeing the outcome.

I've been discussing this with 4th years in my program and they all seem to think I should take the 2 canadian electives instead.. Their reasoning is that, doing so allows me to double down on CARMS application and also programs in the US are apparently more accepting of canadian electives VS canadian programs putting canadian electives > USCE. They also say that this would allow me to get multiple Canadian LORs, whereas doing 1 canadian rotation and 1 US rotation (ex. Mayo) would spread myself to thin for both residency applications in both countries.

What do you guys think? I have a deadline to accept these canadian rotations and I don't know if gambling on waiting for an answer from Mayo is worth it anymore.

Thanks for any advice any of you have to offer!

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