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May 25, 2003
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I got this email from Kaplan today. Have y'all read this?

In November, 2004, Kaplan distributed preliminary information about the MCAT going to computer in 2007 to Pre-Health advisors. On February 4, 2005, the AAMC made its official announcement of an MCAT Computer Based Test (CBT). A summary of announcement is as follows. Full text can be accessed at:

* The MCAT CBT is currently administered in most international testing locations as well as a number of domestic ones.
* August 2006 will be the last paper-and-pencil MCAT. At that time there will also be a large scale administration of the computer test with full implementation of the CBT in 2007. In the meantime, the AAMC will continue to offer a full-length computer version of the MCAT in select locations.
* Starting in 2007, the total test time will shrink from 8 hours to approximately 5 hours, with a large part of that saved time stemming from an inherently simplified administration. Also announced for 2007 is a shorter test that cuts testing time by one-third.
* Examinees will have more opportunities to take the exam, possibly up to 20 days in a year, compared to the current two administrations.

Most advisors welcome the 2007 change to computer. However, Kaplan surveyed over 130 pre-med advisors of which 68% recommended taking the paper-and-pencil test, if available, during the applicant’s desired testing window. Potential reasons cited included difficulty with eye-strain, scrolling, and navigation.

Kaplan’s MCAT program currently includes CBT workshops and strategies. In addition, a computer testing engine designed to simulate the computer testing experience called the Kaplan MCAT Qbank is also included in your course.

Albert Chen
Senior Programs Manager, Pre-Med Programs

Do you think this is true? More importantly, is this a good idea? And if it is a good idea, isn't this screwing with us 2005/06 MCATers?


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Mar 5, 2005
Multiple posts on this subject = no no

And yes, everything you have written is true.