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Mar 22, 2010
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Hello All ,
I am stiil waiting back from a few D.O. schools, but am accepting the fact that I won't be accepted this year. I'm not too bitter as I understand that I don't truly deserve it and there are many other people that at this point deserve it more than me. My stats kind of suck, but they are improving. I have posted on other posts last couple months. cGPA: 3.36, sGPA: 3.14, MCAT taken few times: 21R [pitiful, I know], 25 S [better, but not ideal] and am in the process of preparation to take it again in May hoping to get a 30, but at least a 28. EC's, shadowing a DO, LOR'S all that are strong and are the strengths in my app. I applied late, but had to to make my app look somewhat decent. I am taking a few classes this semester and am doing very well in them and will get A's if I keep it up and my cGPA will go up to a 3.39 and my sci G.P.A. will go to a 3.20. However, I am seriously considering retaking one Gen chem and an o-chem lab to increase my G.P.A.'s more as AACOMAS takes the 2nd grade of a retake as these will be my first retakes. However, I wish to turn in my primary app on June 1st. With my situation, should i still turn in my primary June 1? Can I send an updated transcript to AACOMAS after my summer grades are in; will be in early to mid-August or will that be too late if I send in my primary apps in June? I want to be early this year, but also want the schools to see my retake grades considering i do well in them which may raise my sci gpa to about a 3.3 and my cum GPA right around a 3.5. I just want advice on when to apply and what to do about my situation making sure the schools can see my retake summer grades? I will obviously enter " in progress" for the retakes for the courses when filling out my classes and grades, so the committee will see that I am retaking the courses. Just want advice on how I should approach this.

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Waiting for the summer grades won't necessarily do you harm as far as the AACOMAS application goes. DO school deadlines allow you to submit your application pretty late compared to MD deadlines. Don't know the answer to your other question but nonetheless kick major butt on the mcat!!

P.S. I would think a caring person who will truly make a good physician deserves to be a doctor compared to some snob with high stats who's in it for the money or to get tha ladies :D
I'm not totally familiar with DO schools apps, but they seem much more considerate of the "whole picture" in terms of assessing an applicant. IMO I would apply day one and send in updates followed by phone calls to the schools you are interested in. Since your GPA is going up, you are obviously taking everything more seriously, and hopefully schools will notice that.

Also make sure you are rounding out your ECs so that you can update schools on any additional experiences you have gained.

Good luck! :thumbup: