Aug 26, 2015
So I've been accepted to a university of Scotland and it's a great university and I would love to go there. However, it is much more expensive than a smaller, public U.S. school would be and I'd prefer to not have to take out loans until med school. I am all set to go and will definitely go for at least 1 semester because I've paid for it and I'd really like the experience. However, I am seriously doubting that this is a good idea, considering I want to attend a U.S. medical school, most likely University of Washington. The course-work is entirely different (literally all my courses are biology only, no math, no english/humanities), and I will meet none of the med-school prerequisite classes at the end of my degree. Having realized this far too late, I am scrambling to apply to smaller, much cheaper in-state public schools that I know I will be able to work hard in and have a much easier pre-med route. I am currently looking at CSULB, Humboldt State, and CSU Monterey Bay, CSULB being my first choice. I'd be able to finance it almost entirely without loans and I'd be able to stay with my mom who will soon be undergoing dialysis. I'm also quite sure that it would be extremely hard to get in to a U.S. med school if I got my Bachelor's in Scotland because the education systems are just so different. I am wondering if it is best to just go to the school I am scheduled to go to for my first semester and then start as a freshman at CSULB Spring 2016 because I can almost guarantee that no credits will transfer. I am really stressing out about this and would love to go for all 4 years in Scotland so much but I realize it may be impractical with my future plans regarding med school and student loans.
Sorry for the long post but I'm very confused about what I should do.
Thank you!!


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Jun 11, 2013
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As a US citizen, a foreign degree isn't a total killer, though many schools would want to see a significant amount of credits from a US/Canadian school. The best thing for you is to get your degree in the US. If you get through it with less money, even better.


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Mar 24, 2012
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Definitely do not do undergrad in Scotland. You definitely do not meet your pre-req's there, I know as I went to a uni in the UK for undergrad and nearly all US schools need pre-req's that are impossible to achieve at a UK uni.

You are right in that you definitely need to go to a US school, go to a place where you can then do exchange in Scotland if you can, but definitely a scottish UG degree is not going to work for you.

The academic system is completely different there.
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