INBDE Mass Cancellations

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Sep 1, 2017
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A large swatch of my class had their INBDE test dates cancelled in waves-- one large wave a couple of weeks ago and another one this morning. We woke up to emails from multiple Prometric centers across the state notifying us that our tests were cancelled without explanation and to wait for a later email to reschedule. After getting on the phone with Prometric customer service, it was revealed that a blackout period was imposed by the ADA from February 7th to February 14th, 2023 but again, no explanation as to why. February and early March dates are pretty much booked everywhere including out of state, but some of us were lucky enough to be manually placed into unavailable testing dates by Prometric customer service. I haven't seen anything online about other people experiencing this or any official announcements from the ADA. Has anyone else dealt with this?

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Yeah no kidding. I was sure it was something on Prometric's end but they claim the ADA is behind it and didn't notify the testing centers.
my prometric center shut down on my Day 2 of INBDE. Didn't inform us. We get there and they say the AC is broken....
They have someone from the city come fix it and the city finds they have been doing construction in the building without a permit...... didn't get to take day 2 until 2 weeks later..