Best prep material for INBDE?

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Aug 2, 2010
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I am aware that this is a disputed subject, but some time has passed since the INBDE came out and I would like to know what is the general consensus on which material is popular, or perhaps the best.

Any recommendation? I've looked at INBDE Booster, and it has notes available for all subjects in addition to problems. I looked up on most reddit threads and it seems Booster>Bootcamp between the two?

P.S. Please don't give me "you don't have to study"

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I have not taken the INBDE yet but have heard a lot from my peers about using the full-access Bootcamp and practicing questions from Kaplan. I have been asking myself the same question but have not found much about it.
I used Bootcamp and found it really helpful when I took the exam in 2022. The practice questions were more helpful than the videos so if you're crunched on time, focus on practice questions. I didn't use Booster so I can't comment on that. I thought that the Kaplan questions were harder than Bootcamp and the real exam.