Info about these Neuro programs?

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Oct 15, 2010
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I tried to find info on these Neurology programs via SDN search function, and looking at past interview feedback, but unfortunately I couldn't find any info on the quality of these programs. Also, if anyone in the past has interviewed at these programs, if you can please share your views, how the interview days are conducted and any other information that would be useful. Thanks...

University of Arizona
Henry Ford
Virginia Commonwealth University
Penn State Hershey

I would be grateful if any of you can comment about these programs in detail please. If some of you don't feel comfortable posting here, feel free to PM me.
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Jan 15, 2005
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Its been 2 years since I interviewed. I don't remember the specifics of U of Arizonia, Seemed like a nice placed. I think I ranked them 4th.

I am currently a Neuro resident at Hershey. I think the quality is good. We are the major referal center for central penn, so you get to see a lot. We are strong in stroke, but I think we have good experience in epilepsy, neuro muscular, movement disorder as well. We do have a neuro ICU. It's mainly run by neuro surg and anesthesia, but if interested, I'm sure you could do an elective.

Our attending staff is very nice to work with. Not malignant at all.

Our interveiws are done on Friday, with a dinner Thursday night. Interveiwes are friday AM. I think you interveiw with 3 people. I don't think there is set questions. Most of the time it is just getting to now you. Most interviewers are fairly laid back. There is a hospital tour and a tour of the clinic. Grand rounds at 1pm on friday.

Any other questions about Hershey, let me know :D
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