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May 11, 2008
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Hi guys!
To sum it up Ive graduated this past december with a BA in psychology. I was a pre med student in my first 2 years but due to immaturity, pressures from parents and just trying to juggle way too much on my plate, I struggled emotionally and basically butchered my gpa horribly. The deal is, Ive been way involved throughout school, volunteering, shadowing and I definitely dont want to give up my dream of going to med school. Ive basically taken most of my prereq's except (physics and organic 2) and the other sciences ive done pretty poorly in. Money is not really an issue and Id like to be apply to apply to med school or an SMP in a timely but efficient manner. My plan is to retake most of my pre-req's classes, but I dont want to exactly stay at home (im sick of my parents/time to move on). Are there any really good non degree informal programs and or schools out there that can help me out? Im pretty sure my gpa is too low to try to get into any formal programs as of now, im just looking for a school that will accept me (take a few classes, and maybe get accepted into their formal program the following semester)? Ive been looking at schools with programs but im looking for one thatwould kinda help me, tailored to my situation. I know this is waaay long, but Im totally eager to start this adventure and any help would begreatly appreciated! :)


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Feb 24, 2008
depending on your GPA there are a few post bacs that can cater to Eastern Virginia Medical School or Drexel...but for those post bacs you will have to take your upper level science courses...that phys and orgo must be completed..and take all those classes over...and make much better grades in them..also on that note..know this, the DO application process takes the grade of the new higher that would really work out in your benefit for all those retakes..whereas AMCAS does not and averages the two grades out...

so to sum all that would need to take at least two years to work this plan out and retake those classes, take some new upper level bio courses i.e genetics, anatomy, biochem, etc (med schools like those courses) hard for the MCATs, like no joke..i keep hearin the test is TOUGH..and all the while gaining some more experience with volunteering and shadowing and letters of recommendations..if you have to move then move..cause i was in the same boat and i had to move and now trying to do some damage control..

do some research on osteopathic medicine, visit some medical school admissions offices, call them and ask them what you have to do to get into their schools...dont be shy...jus embark on the plan...tweek it if you mus...take your time but be serious..and after all might be in really good shape..

looking for some more inspiration...check out the i have a low GPA thread..there are so many success more questions PM me...good luck!!! :D


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Oct 15, 2007
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just to clarify, the EVMS & Drexel programs are Special Masters Programs which are graduate level "degrees" and not post-baccs. when people say post-bacc on this board, it means to take undergrad courses after obtaining a bachelor level degree.

the best informal post-baccs are at your local state university. try the extension centers, but be wary of your "position" at registration. sometimes, extension students have last priority in registering and it may be difficult to get into a popular class like ochem and physics.

there are some popular schools to do post-baccs especially in the east coast. if you can tell us where you are (or prefer to be) located, some other members could help you narrow your search for schools.