informal post-bacs experiences?

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Jun 4, 2008
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I've looked through the post and couldn't really find what i was looking for. I see lots of talk about doing informal post-bacs in CA, but does anyone have any info about doing informal post-bacs other places? I know how to apply and all but was just more looking for experiences as a post-bacc. Particularly for schools in the midwest


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Jan 27, 2010
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I'm guessing the reason you don't see any information because informal post-baccs are very subjective and a broad term an can virtually be done anywhere. You can enroll at any 4 year university as a quick entry student or a part time/full time student and take any classes that you feel that you wish to take. You can also enroll at a CC and it would be an informal post-bacc as well.

The reason you hear discussion about formal programs is that they have a structured curriculum that is largely not subject to much change and grant a certificate/degree at its completion. It probably has requirements such as a minimum GPA maintained in the program as well as X number of credits and such and go through an applicatoin process with such and such admissions requirements. Informal post-baccs normally have none of that and are purely subject to whatever one wishes to take/do.
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