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Feb 20, 2007
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hello again. I also would like to inquire about other animal careers besides becoming a veterinarian. I am thinking about going back to school and interested in a career other than veterinary medicine. I would like to do research in which I can help animals by maybe coming up with treatment to help those that are sick. Something to that affect. However although I believe I would like to do research in helping animals I have no idea where to look for this information (such as schools, titles of this choice, etc.) Any information will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 1, 2004
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I think that maybe majoring in Microbiology would be the best route. Here's some information about it http://www.asm.org/Education/index.asp?bid=1272. I know here at OkState they have a dual program where you go to vet school for 2 years, then do a year in the microbiology program, go back to vet school for 2 years and then do a couple more years to finish up the microbiology program.

You could also try to set up a time to talk to the head of the Biology Dept. at any nearby universities and see if they can help you determine what major to go into.
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