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May 6, 2024
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Check with your school's prehealth advising office and/or your counselor's office to see if it appears on transcript or is otherwise noted anywhere
So as I'm filling out the AACOMAS application, I'm seeing this question:
"Have you ever been disciplined for student conduct violations (e.g. academic probation, dismissal, suspension, disqualification, etc.) by any college or school?"

I received a "warning" and a letter grade F from an academic dishonesty incident, and it has been expunged recently due to my school policy. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to answer "yes" or "no" since I don't know if a "warning" counts for this question. I emailed AACOMAS and they said "We would like you to know that it depends on the warning if it falls under the options available for that question." I still don't quite understand their answer. Please advise; thank you!
Receiving an "F" for academic dishonesty is being disciplined for student conduct.
If the rest of your transcript is fine, the F will stick out for what it is.
If you don't disclose, it will only make it clear that you have not learned to behave.
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You're required to disclose this IA.

When I see an f grade in an ocean of good grades, I know that somebody cheated in the course and got an F is an punishment, and I will ask them about the grade.

My school rejected someone once in this situation
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