1. C

    MCAT test date

    Hello all - I am planning on applying to both MD and DO schools starting this May. I have a pretty good idea about which schools I want to apply to, but I am unsure on when to take the MCAT. I am currently taking my last semester of pre-requisites and I am contemplating waiting until May 9th...
  2. EnzymaticFuture

    WAMC for a reinvented student?

    Hello everyone!! Just looking for some advice on generating a school list for this upcoming cycle. I will be applying to MD and DO schools. For reference, I’m a black male from Nevada. I followed @Goro advice on reinventing myself after a subpar undergrad (3.0 gpa). My stats during undergrad...
  3. D

    Took the wrong course in college, can I say I repeated it? AACOMAS

    Last year I took a biochem/molecular biology course before I should have (chalk it up to poor advising and ignorance/ I had not taken the prerequisite course). This particular biochem course was also the course specifically for biochem majors, which I was not (i am ChemE). Anyway, I did not...
  4. S

    Professional transcript entry question

    I paid for professional transcript entry through AACOMAS and from what I understood, I had to submit my application to a school before my coursework would be entered onto my application. I have submitted my application today and now I am paranoid that I was supposed to do something else so that...
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  9. Taverly

    Midwestern University vs. Des Moines University

    I'm having great difficulty deciding between these two osteopathic colleges. I've seen lots of threads on this specific topic, but none of them have helped me decide. I enjoyed the interview I had at both, and I really like the area that both schools are located. For me, the most important...
  10. M


  11. B

    Overlap in AMCAS/AACOMAS Traffic Guidlines

    I’ve been accepted at a DO program since November but have interviewed at three allopathic programs as well. I’m currently waitlisted at all three schools, with two of them informing me that they expect to have a lot of waitlist movement around or after April 30th due to the AMCAS traffic...
  12. EnzymaticFuture

    DO Application Timeline

    Hello everyone. Would a July MCAT still be considered early for DO schools? Also, can someone give me a brief timeline overview for an early DO school application cycle? Do we need to turn in our MCAT scores and LORs to be verified?
  13. F


    Hi all, I am getting ready to submit my AACOMAS (late I know). I am still waiting on a letter from a DO who I shadowed extensively recently. However she recently had a family crisis and hasn't been getting back to me about the letter. I want to submit my app in the coming days. Is it possible...
  14. S

    AACOMAS submission page won't load

    Is anyone else having a problem with the "Submit application" page? I keep trying to submit my applications (everything is filled out and I double checked that). I tried on 3 different web browsers on 3 different computers and on different Wi-Fi too but nothing seems to let the page load. I...
  15. DrHalsey

    Help with AACOMAS personal statement

    Below the line is exactly what is in my AACOMAS application. I am most concerned about the note at the bottom, is it acceptable? Or does it come across as pushy? I know that new MCAT date is late so that is my stealth way of asking them not to throw out my application before the scores are in...
  16. armoman898

    How to handle NO Biochemistry (but 2 semester of Orgo)

    I have taken Orgo 1 and 2 (8 credits). I did not take Biochem before I graduated :bang:. I'm a non-trad. On my AACOMAS primary, I selected "I'm not matching any course to this prerequisite" for Biochemistry, for the schools that require Biochem. I already submitted (9/12/18). I emailed a few...
  17. B

    AACOMAS hasn't verified my app after 2 weeks, should i be concerned?

    As the title says, I submitted my application two weeks ago and the status is still not verified. Anyways, they did send the application back to me a few days ago to correct one course on my transcript but I immediately sent it back. The representative on the phone also told me that my...
  18. E

    Does an EMT class actually count as "science GPA" for AACOMAS?

    Was just looking at the website for AACOMAS and I see that they count EMT as a "science class". Can anyone verify this and your opinions on taking the class not only to get paid clinical experience in the future but also as a science GPA booster?
  19. BTC0821

    Course Type in Application

    Hi all, so I submitted my application to AACOMAS a few weeks back and was verified last week. After going back through my application again (neurotically), I noticed that all of my chemistry and biology courses say lecture only, despite them mostly being lecture/lab courses. Considering that...
  20. T

    AMCAS and AACOMAS engineering course classification

    Mech. Eng. degree, tons of coursework with titles MECH and ENGR representing things like Statics, Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, etc. Looks like a lot more of these get categorized into the AACOMAS classification of sciences gpa vs. the AMCAS app. Plus the AACOMAS sciences gpa doesn't...
  21. B

    Send Letters after I submit

    Thank you everyone in advance, SDN is always crazy helpful. As a reapplicant i was suggested to not send the same letters of rec. unless there are new ones to read as well. I am only a DO reapplicant. I applied MD also, but it takes so long to validate I'm sure it will come before i even get my...
  22. bsizzle44

    How does AACOMAS calculate the Science GPA?

    Hi guys, Title pretty much says it all. I calculated my science GPA as a 3.46. I included math classes and science labs in the calculation. However, it is showing on AACOMAS as a 3.6. I am not complaining, but I am curious where the discrepancy may lie. Any insight is appreciated!
  23. K

    AACOMAS Verification

    How long does it take, on average, for the AACOMAS application to go from complete to verified?
  24. K

    What are my chances?

    Age: 23 Undergrad University: Florida Atlantic University Residence: MI Sex: Female Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (immigrant) MCAT: 498 (124,123,127,124) Undergrad GPA: 3.26 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.15 Graduate GPA: 4.0, masters' of biomedical sciences with a thesis in alzheimer's disease (thesis...
  25. Fishy fish

    List as relative?

    So I noticed a lot of DO schools like to know if you have any relatives/family members who are osteopathic physicians. My brother-in-law is an osteopathic physician. I actually shadowed him and he wrote me a letter of recommendation. The only reason I asked if because he is not someone I...
  26. Fishy fish

    Race Question

    Currently working on a DO secondary application which asks the question below... Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic/Latino/Spanish Origin? (The term Hispanic or Latino or Spanish Origin is defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish...
  27. yogidoc19

    Extra LOR after application is "complete"

    I submitted a few secondaries already but just had another DO letter uploaded to AACOMAS (yay!) Does anyone know if I am "complete" at a few schools already will they be sent this letter by AACOMAS as an update or do I need to contact them all to let them know of the additional letter? Thanks...
  28. L

    AACOMAS Experiences questions

    I am probably overthinking this but I haven't been able to figure out what to do. I've worked as a scribe in the ED at 3 different hospitals. I worked for ScribeAmerica at 2 different hospitals (and in different states) and I currently work for another scribe company. I'm listing them as 3...
  29. abtazz12

    Must submit 7th letter of recommendation!

    Hey all, So I recently shadowed another DO (already have a LOR from one; already included and submitted with my AACOMAS application) and he is more than willing to write me a letter. The problem is that AACOMAS only allows 6 letters to be submitted, which I already have. The shadowing went...
  30. BrownBear1515

    Multiple MCAT Scores

    Whats up, hope everyone is surviving the start to this long process lol. Just a quick question, how do DO schools view multiple MCATs? Took mine and did ok and am taking it again at the end of June. If I do worse by chance, will that affect me?
  31. F

    can i withdraw then resubmit aacomas?

    CAN I RE-SUBMIT THIS CYCLE IF I WITHDRAW BEFORE VERIFICATION? this is probably the most pathetic thing you will read. I submitted my aacomas last week. I now downloaded the application as pdf to read through it and found 6 mf typos in my activities sections like a random "i" or period or wrong...
  32. A

    LORs with AAMC/AMCAS IDs being sent to AACOMAS

    So, I already applied to MD schools and am in the process of applying to DO schools. I had 9 LOR's submitted to Interfolio and it turns out that 7/9 of them have my AAMC and AMCAS ID numbers in the actual letter. Considering that the AACOMAS application cycle is well on its way and that it took...
  33. mikeknicksjets

    More than 6 letters in AACOMAS?

    So I messed up by thinking that AACOMAS has a max of 7 LoRs and not 6, but now I've reached the max with an additional person writing me a LoR. Has anyone had experience with sending extra letters directly to the schools? Could this possibly be detrimental to me in any way? I feel like this is...
  34. F

    500 now - Retake in JULY for DO school?

    Hi all! I unfortunately received a 500 on my MCAT. I have a 3.5 cGPA and around 3.2 sGPA. I am not sure if I should plan for a retake on July 24 or just apply to DO schools with this score now. Is there any way I can apply with this score and then sent an updated one? I would really like to...
  35. G

    When to submit AACOMAS Primary?

    Can someone explain the general timing for submitting the primary app. I got my transcripts and MCAT score verified on AACOMAS and I'm working on the application right now. I'm almost done, but should I wait until the beginning of June? I heard that they don't start reviewing primaries until...
  36. CJhooper123

    AACOMAS Question

    Is it possible to change the order in which your activities are listed? Does this matter? The reason I ask, is that when I print out my application, my extracurricular activities are listed first (e.g. College basketball, etc) while my clinical experiences (scribing, MA, etc.) are listed...
  37. Docslizzy


    Has anyone received the AACOMAS Fee waiver for this cycle (2018-2019)? If yes, how long did it take to hear back from them?
  38. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  39. L

    Adding AP and CLEP courses to AACOMAS

    Does anyone know which semester to add AP credit? I know most add in the first semester but on my transcript my AP credit is listed Spring 2013 but I didn't technically start school until Fall 2013. My college is listed as attended from Aug 2013-Dec 2016. I took one CLEP test also and it's...