ING mortgage? any experience?

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May 23, 2005
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I was just wondering if anyone out there actually signed up for ING's mortgage, and what their experiences were. I've already been approved, I'm just trying to find out what it's like dealing with ING. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I can't comment on the mortgage but their regular interest accounts are first-rate from a customer satisfaction point-of-view.
With whom did you speak to get preapproval? Do you just call the toll-free number given on the website?
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pretty much, I just made sure they understood the situation with my student loans, and that they would be deferred. The person I was talking to didn't know if that was ok, but they checked and they were told as long as they had the letter stating the loans were deferred, they wouldn't count my loans in my debt ratio.

To take advantage of their better rates, you do have to put a good amount of money down. I decided to take the loan from compass bank, instead. It's 5.5% with 1 pt. no PMI, and up to 100% financing.
In one of the mortgage threads on here someone signed with ING. One of my brokers recommended them for a mortgage since they do not include student loan debt. Usually they require a downpayment though which isn't what we were looking for.