Initial diagnostic test, which one?

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Jul 24, 2018
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My daughter wants to take an MCAT full-length test (before any studying/prep) to get an idea how to structure her study plan (find weak areas, figure out the best way to study after seeing how the test is structured, etc). I've seen numerous sites offer a "diagnostic" test that seems to fit this purpose, but I wanted to ask the forums which would be the best/most realistic one to take? Obviously there are the AAMC FL ones, but she isn't sure it makes sense to "use up" one of those as a preliminary diagnostic, since they are usually used during the study schedule to track progress.

Any advice appreciated.

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AAMC has a diagnostic. its called "Official Sample Test".

Thats the one she should use initially for a diagnostic. The additional 4 AAMC FLs should be taken throughout her study as you mentioned. If you feel so inclined to purchase her more FLs from 3rd party sources then you can do that as well. I have Blueprint prep material, and I have enjoyed it. My FLs have gone up almost 10 points since my first MCAT (my score was subpar). prep companies that have FLs include: Blueprint, Kaplan, The Berkeley Review, and Exam Crakers are the popular ones. I'm not knowledgeable about the other companies outside of Blueprint.
Thanks all, never knew that AAMC had a free "full length" sample test so she'll do that one to get her starting point.