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Jan 26, 2004
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Do people know what are the general attitudes of schools towards inquiries as to why you were rejected/waitlisted? I am just curious even though it's so late in the app cycle that it probably wouldn't help me to know.


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Dec 18, 2003
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I think it probably varies a lot depending on the school...some might encourage it, while others might not give you any information. I don't think it hurts to call the admissions office and ask what the policy is, though. If you post the specific school you're interested in, maybe someone will be able to tell you what their own experiences were with trying to find out the reasoning behind the decision.


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Dec 19, 2003
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I thought that the general attitude on this board was that you should definitely find out the reason behind rejections in order to improve your application for the next cycle, assuming you will be applying again. I don't know if this is the case for you or if you are just curious about a particular school. I am most likely not going to get in this year, so I have been calling schools that reject me so I know what to do for next year. I have talked to 2 deans and they have been nice and helpful. It made me feel much better to know what I need to do to make myself more competitive.


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Nov 25, 2002
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you can prolly call and ask to set up a time to talk about why you were rejected....

now about being still have a chance to get off the list so i would wait until you know for sure you arent getting off to ask about that one.
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