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Hello all! I am looking to get advice from more senior posters/adcom members about an IA.

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Is a warning letter an institutional action? In the year that you apply, read the AMCAS instructions and follow them including inquiring with your school regarding whether you were the recipient of an institutional action.

It is hard to say whether "over collaboration" will hurt your chances as it seems less serious than cheating.
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Hello all! I am looking to get advice from more senior posters/adcom members about an IA.

Here's my situation:

My freshman year, I received a warning letter from my office of student conduct for "over-collaboration" on a computer science homework assignment (not intentionally cheating, copying, etc but a friend and I had discussed the problem and ended up with similar answers to a homework question). There is no official record of this incident at my university-- it does not appear on my transcript or in my academic file, and if asked about my discipline record my school would report that I have none. There is a record in my university's office of student conduct, but they said they do not report infractions this minor outside of the office.

A couple questions:

1) This still counts as an IA, correct? I'm leaning towards reporting it in the spirit of full honesty at the advice of my pre-med advisor, but I want to make sure that I'm not reporting it unnecessarily. It's a bit odd, because if a school requests a letter from my university they will just state that I have no discipline record.

2) How badly will this affect my application? I otherwise have a decently competitive application but would like to know if I will need to apply more broadly because of this situation. By the time I apply it will have been 4+ years since the incident
Just report it to be safe; own it and it will be laughed at 9the infraction, not your app).
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