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  1. Osono

    Institutional Action

    Hello, During my freshman year of college I received an "alleged" violation of academic integrity. I knew I didn't cheat so I appealed and the Office of Academic Integrity reviewed my case finding me not guilty. The punishment was a warning if you were to be found guilty. I'm seeing a lot of...
  2. T

    Institutional Action Question

    In November of my sophomore year I had a random room search and they found 2 firearms that my father gave to me as a gift for graduating basic combat training for the army reserves. I owned them legally and was frankly one of the more qualified person to own them too due to my formal training...
  3. A

    Stole from University bookstore and received an IA, what are my chances of admission?

    During my Sophomore year 2019, in lapse of judgment based on a dare, l regrettably stole a jacket from my university bookstore and was caught. I didn't even like the jacket. It was less than $100, so I received a non-academic theft IA as I was protected by the university (as opposed to legal...
  4. B

    Institutional Action (IA) and ramifications of it

    I am a senior about to graduate at the beginning of the upcoming cycle. After this coming spring semester, I will have been an undergrad for 2.5 years and leave with a BS. Along with this short time in undergrad, I also have a single IA on my record during my 2nd semester in UG. A little...
  5. C

    Housing institutional action - is it bad?

    Hey everyone So I got a housing violation in my freshman year like almost 7 years ago but it led to a housing suspension for a semester and I’m just wondering how this will look on my application? I know cheating is looked at as a app killer but what about housing IA?
  6. T

    Would any of you be willing to edit my Institutional Action description?

    I was caught stealing food from a dining hall in October 2018. Most of my friends were studying abroad that semester, so I was hanging out with a bad crowd. They bragged about taking from the dining halls without paying so I did the same and was caught. This was resolved by my school's Student...
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  8. J

    WAMC & School List Critique (3.76 cGPA/3.72 sGPA/511 MCAT)

    I wanted to get opinions on the school list I am working to slim down for applying to in 2021 and potentially get some suggestions on ones I may have overlooked. To add more context to my stats, I have 2000+ hours of clinical volunteering, 3 semesters of research, a few hundred hours of...
  9. G

    IA for fighting 6 years ago

    Ok so this post is about the dreaded IA box and my personal situation. Backstory: As a freshman I got in a fistfight while drunk at a party. It was a mistake as so many of us make lol. No charges were pressed from a legal standpoint but the university was more stringent and I was suspended. A...
  10. R

    Academic Dishonesty: Seeking Advice / Insights

  11. P

    Self-Reporting an Expunged Institutional Action

    One of my classmates from undergrad has an IA for an academic integrity violation (unauthorized collaboration/plagiarism on a lab report). Since some schools expunge/destroy disciplinary records after a number of years, what's stopping an applicant from manipulating the details of their IA once...
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  13. atrmnky

    Question about reporting IA

    I know there are a million threads about this, but I wasn't able to find one that fit my specific situation. I contacted my school's conduct office before submitting my primary, and they told me that the only thing on my disciplinary record was a minor alcohol thing (resulted in a warning...
  14. S

    Institutional Action- poor GPA due to family issues- How much is TMI?

    I need to know if the following has too much information for my app to explain my poor GPA for one semester. I want to emphasize that this was beyond the typical family issues and really is not something that (I hope) happens again. Please let me know if I should reword anything, leave...
  15. D

    Waitlist Inquiry

    Hey everyone! So I'm currently sitting on 6 MD waitlists and 1 DO acceptance. I have an institutional action on my application for plagiarism/misattribution from two years ago which I thoroughly discussed on my app and it was only brought up in two of my interviews. I was just wondering whether...
  16. S

    Institutional Action (or lack thereof) and Disciplinary Record

    An ex-girlfriend accused of stalking her months after we had broken up during my sophomore year in college. This was due to someone leaving her anonymous notes and flowers. I later found out that she only reported me to our university because she apparently couldn't figure out who else it could...
  17. annabanana96

    Institutional Action - Do I report this?

    Hey guys, So I'm filling out the primary right now and stumbled upon this beautiful question: Were you ever the recipient of any institutional action by any college or medical school for unacceptable academic performance or conduct violation, even though such action may not have interrupted...
  18. lucyrose42

    Really stressed about Institutional Action - Any advice appreciated

    Hi everyone, I am incredibly worried about an incident I was involved with my sophomore year. I was found in possession of marijuana (NOT smoking - I was in a friend's dorm room where the campus police found marijuana after an RA caught a look when the door was open.) I was issued a warning...
  19. P

    Marijuana Institutional Action and Low GPA

    Hello, My friend has an interesting case here. I’m just gonna give you the straight up facts (good,bad, ugly) he would like to share...and we’d like some input from this site on how best to get to medical school. GPA: 2.6 MCAT: Let’s assume he gets 510 to put a number. Race: Hispanic...
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  21. D

    Institutional Action Question

    Hey everyone just had a quick question. So I was given a year-long "disciplinary probation" that would be placed on my unofficial transcript that would be removed afterwards and had to write a 1000 word essay about academic integrity for an alleged plagiarism case. It was for the first draft of...
  22. S

    Institutional Action Question

    Hey guys, I attend a small Christian school that requires you to attend chapel every so often. When I was a freshman I pledged a fraternity and was asked by a senior to attend a chapel for him. You must swipe your student ID to get credit for the chapel you attend so I attempted to swipe this...
  23. F

    Institutional Action

    Hi all!! So I’m having a small problem at my university. Its not official that I have been sanctioned but its likely that I will be, with at least a warning. The institutional action is that in my dorm room we had a toaster and something ubstructing a fire alarm. The toaster was in fact mine...
  24. B

    Advice for potential screw up

  25. S

    Institutional Action as a reapplicant

    I failed to report institutional action on my first AMCAS application. The instances were in my freshman and sophomore years of college and did not result in probation of any sort. The first, I was involved with a "dorm party" and written up. The second, I received a Minor in Possession of...
  26. K

    Institutional action ?

    hello I am about to get found guilty by title ix of breaking a no contact order and probably stalking an ex girlfriend. I went a year without messaging her but she was telling all of my peers and my bosses BS so I sent her an email saying mean things. Nothing threatening. I am probably...
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  28. 9

    Institutional Action Question

    Hello all! I am looking to get advice from more senior posters/adcom members about an IA.
  29. 7

    Complicated Situation(s)

    So I am finishing my applications for MD/DO. My senior year in undergrad I was accused of theft and stalking through the school's complaint system. I was barred from campus during the process but was still able to complete coursework Question #1: does this count as institutional action and/or...
  30. D

    Institutional action for alleged plagiarism. Should I report it on my med school apps??

    Hey y'all. I'm applying to MD and DO schools this coming cycle. I'm conflicted as to whether to mention my "institutional action" on the applications. My sophomore year of college I got in trouble for alleged plagiarism of a lab report. Supposedly I didn't cite the primary literature article I...
  31. C

    Is this institutional action?

    Hello, I would like to know if a particular incident that occurred previously is institutional action or not? If it is a plan on reporting it to AMCAS, but I am unsure because it is a somewhat weird situation. I attend a football school and live in a house off campus. For one football weekend...
  32. B

    Looking for advice on what implications does the following IA have

    SDN, I'm a freshman student and I recently received what I would consider an IA for a parking violation (received an in-house citation for parking in an administrative/staff space at around 8:00pm for approximately 15 minutes, can explain if necessary). Parking violations are, by university...
  33. H

    MD & DO IA - Bit of a story

  34. Z

    Plagiarism, Failed Course, Notation on transcript. No chance at med school?

  35. P

    When do IA's come up during the admissions process?

    When would admissions officers review an applicant's IA's? between secondary and II? After the interview? What is the protocol usually like when they do begin reviewing? @Goro @LizzyM
  36. CUatthefinishline

    Institutional Action Letter

    [Shortened] My questions: Do I obtain this letter myself & upload it to the secondary (as one school has implied)? Do I have the school submit the letter to AMCAS, then forward it to each school? (& will this letter count towards my letter limit at the school?) Who actually has to write this...
  37. legalizeranch123

    Forgot to disclose institutional action on AMCAS

    I forgot to state that I had student conduct violations on my primary AMCAS application because I'm an idiot and thought "institutional actions" meant only probation/suspension/etc. Now I'm drafting a letter detailing this and sending it to each school I've applied to. Does this severely hurt my...
  38. N

    Institutional Action Question

    Hi, I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to. Background: my sophomore year, some friends and I went onto the roof of a friend's dorm. The "roof" was a balcony in the past, but now was accessible through windows. The ledge surrounding it was probably 3 feet high. So it was no more...
  39. A

    IA Official Documentation?

    I just read on Temple's website that they require an official document detailing IA's sent to them from your school if you've had an institutional action. This is the first I've heard of this. Is this the case for most schools? Does anybody have a list of the schools that require it? Thanks