Medical Institutional action warning - what should I do?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I made a very very stupid mistake and I honestly hate myself, I feel like I just messed up my entire life. I was taking a lab class last fall where group collaboration was encouraged but individual answers were required. I thought that meant it was okay if I worked with my friends and I shared my answers with some other students and got other answers in return. I was totally wrong an was accused of plagiarism by my teacher. I talked to my dean and explained how I had imperfect knowledge of the rules and they agreed with me and told be this situation would only result in a letter of warning due to extenuating circumstances. The letter of warning is on my record but I don't know if I need to provide that in my med school app. When I apply I'll explain all of this and how I received a letter of warning because of temporary misjudgment/lack of knowledge as stated in the letter. I know I sound like an idiot and I really don't want to seem like I am trying to shift blame because it is all my fault for being really idiotic but I want to know if anyone has any advise on how to approach this situation?

How many lab classes have you had to date?

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