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Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by thewendster, May 11, 2007.

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    hey, do you guys know if i can use my interfolio data, such as LORs and transcripts, and send those over to AMCAS when it comes time to start filling out my app rather than re-requesting them from the schools/professors?
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    This should answer your transcript question (from this thread in pre-allo).

    LORs do not go to AMCAS. They get submitted directly to the schools along with the secondary application materials. If they have already been received by Interfolio, then there should be no need to re-request them (unless you're a re-applicant and need updated letters).
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    In short, no. 2 questions, 2 answers:

    Transcripts: start your AMCAS app and fill out the school(s) you attended. Then print AMCAS' transcript form(s). Send the AMCAS transcript form to each school you attended. This helps AMCAS connect you (and your ID number) to your transcript among the bazillions they receive. You can't do interfolio, and you can't touch the transcript that goes to AMCAS. If you're doing TMDSAS, they have a transcript request form too. If you went to more than one school, START transcript requests NOW if you're applying this year.

    LORs: Interfolio gets rave reviews, plan on using it. LORs are part of the secondary app process with each med school you're applying to. AMCAS isn't part of secondaries. Think of AMCAS as your introduction to each med school. "Yale, this is Bobby. Bobby, this is Yale." Then Bobby starts talking to Yale and AMCAS walks away.

    ...and if you're doing Texas, the above is slightly less true, because some of the secondary applications are available from within TMDSAS. Regardless, you don't send LORs to TMDSAS or to AMCAS.

    Your credit cards and checkbook are about to get a serious workout.

    Best of luck to you.
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