Feb 8, 2015
Hi guys so I created an Interfolio account and sent out the invites for the letters. I know that only Western requires letters be sent in hard copy as well. So what do I do now while I wait for letters to be written. Do I choose delivery addresses now or wait until letters are uploaded and then? And also do we send it to each of the schools separately via Interfolio or do we just send them to the application service via Interfolio?
Jul 31, 2014
Hmm I did not know that Western wanted hard copy letters too. I sent them electronically to all the schools except AZPOD since they were not in Interfolio. Once your letter writers upload their letters to Interfolio you'll get an email that says your letter is ready for delivery. Then you can choose the delivery addresses. You send each letter to the individual schools not to AACPMAS. There isn't anything to do until the letter is uploaded/received by Interfolio.
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