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May 23, 2019
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Hi! I'm not seeing any threads similar to this, but I'm new to SDN so I could be missing something. I'm a 3rd year student and I need to have international stuff figured out in a few months for 4th year.

I'm looking for suggestions for international externships to do during 4th year. I'm open to anything, and I know I can just reach out to clinics in places I'd like to go, but I'd love to hear feedback from people who've done this and had good experiences. I've tried googling things but a lot that comes up seems to be directed at pre-vet students and voluntourism type stuff, which I'm not super interested in. I also would prefer not to pay $2,000 to work for 2 weeks (on top of housing, flights, food, etc).

I've traveled a lot internationally, I can get by in Spanish, and am open to going anywhere and doing anything (spay/neuter, wildlife, GP, etc.)! I'm just having a hard time gauging what are good programs and what aren't, so I'd love to get some advice from DVM students who have actually done it :)


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I would encourage you to talk to your current fourth years!
I'm a fourth year and am working through one of my professors and will be doing an externship at the vet school in Liverpool just before graduation. I would talk to your professors and they may be able to help you find something.
My friend did an externship at a clinic in Australia. They arranged the whole thing themselves though. They found the GP clinic through acquaintances, did the paperwork to get it approved as a location at our school like anyone has to do when visiting a clinic not already on the approved list, funded the trip themselves, and scheduled it for their first rotation (meaning there was a free one week break between end of third year and the start of rotations to travel) then used one of their vacation rotations after the rotation to travel more and make such a long expensive flight worth it. This person now lives and works ER in that area of Australia so they much have enjoyed it.