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International Health

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by uniteforsight, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    This conference during the Spring will likely be of interest to many of you. The early bird registration rate ends on December 1st.

    International Health Conference at Yale University in April 2006 - Early Bird Registration!
    "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"

    When: April 1-2, 2006
    Where: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
    Theme: "Empowering Communities to Bridge Health Divides"
    Who should attend? Anyone interested in medicine, health education, health promotion, public health, international health, international service, nonprofits, or eye care
    Conference Goal: To empower conference attendees to identify health needs and to develop solutions to improve access to care for the medically underserved
    How to Register - Early Bird Registration! http://www.uniteforsight.org/2006_annual_conference.php
    Early Bird Registration Rate: $30 student rate; $40 for all others

    Conference Highlights: A Few of the Scheduled Presentations
    Complete schedule can be seen at http://www.uniteforsight.org/2006_annual_conference.php

    Keynote Address: "Environment, Behavior and Health: Societies Matter" Al Sommer, MD, MHS
    "The Challenges of Pediatric AIDS in Africa - A Lesson in Hope and Humanity" Shaffiq Essajee, BMBCh
    "Global Health Governance in a Time of Rapid Change: Opportunities and Concerns" Derek Yach, MBChB, MPH
    "Millenium Development Goals," Josh Ruxin, MPH, PhD
    "Community Approaches to Achieve Global Health Goals,"Jacob Kumaresan, MD, MPH, Dr.PH
    "Women's Health: A Global Overview," Allan Rosenfield, MD
    "Strengthening Community Capacity for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health," Charles MacCormack
    "Gender Disparities in Blindness and Visual Impairment" Ilene Gipson, PhD
    "Update on Vision 2020: the Right to Sight," Louis Pizzarello, MD
    "Infinite Vision - The Story of Dr. V(enkataswamy) and the Aravind Eye Care System," Pavithra Krishnan
    "Social Entrepreneurship and Presbyopia" Jordan Kassalow, OD, MPH

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