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Mar 7, 2013
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I am an International medical graduate with an MD Pathology degree from India. I plan to complete all the 3 steps of USMLE. I have a few questions if you could kindly answer them

1- After completing all the three steps how long would it take for me to get a fellowship in the United States without doing my board Residency

2- Will I be eligible to work in the United States or I would have to do my residency in Pathology

3- Will a Fellowship from United States be recognised for jobs in other first world countries of Europe, Australia , UK etc or I would have to do my residency in the United States then only I would be recognised for job

4- What is the status of FRCP Path in the United States

5- And as there is no age limit for USMLE if i apply for Fellowship or residency at the age of 45 years also will I be considered .

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Feb 4, 2014
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I am not aware of all the all the path specific stuff but as a general rule you can't work be board certified in the USA if you haven't done a US residency other than in sometimes in some academic programs. So in nearly all circumstances its worthwhile to do a residency unless you want to be a captive all your life. FRCP may help in getting a residency but it won't get you board certified. And jobs will balk at someone who is not board certified. So no way around the residency part.
I don't think being 45 should be a hindrance in getting a residency fellowship in pathology.
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