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Dec 27, 2007
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I have a question I need help figuring out.
Those international students who are in medschool, would be most helpful.
I do have some foreign coursework done prior to coming to the us.
I am now accepted to 3 medschools.

I had my foreign coursework evaluated by the certified agency.
I sent that evaluation to schools.
One school also requested an original transcript to be sent direclty.
While it is possible, it is a little difficult and time consuming.
But I will try and get that original mailed to them as soon as I can.

How did that work for you?
Did you send the original? Who did the translation? Did you send the evaluation?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

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most international med students did their undergrad in the US.

mail your documents as soon as possible. try FedEx, since i have found them to be a bit more reliable with mail than the local postal system in some countries. But also call/email/fax the schools to explain the delay in obtaining the original documents, and try to tell them when you will be able to send the documents.

if you have sent copies along with the evaluation, you shuld be fine. most people need the original to verify your documents, but they should be able to start processing you/make decisions with just the copies.

congrats on the 3 acceptances.