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May 25, 2012
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Hello All.

I just graduated from United Arab Emirates (Gulf Medical University, DMD program) and planing to go to California and extremely confused. Few years back I got my Green Card and since my family are moving to California, so am I.

I know the steps for getting a license in US (NBDE1-international Dentist program and so on) but I also heard that one can apply directly for a specialization but will not be able to work in US afterward ( I am not certain of this) and since I am not sure that I want to live and work in US I am seeking information.

I appreciate if anyone could give me information on such programs (if exists):

-What are these programs
-What are the steps for getting in such programs
-After completion, if I decided to stay and work in US, what are the steps to take? should I go back and do 2years of International dentist program? if yes after finishing will i be considered a GP or specialist?

Any additional information is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance