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Apr 7, 2008
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hi all..i'm a 3rd year med student from mainland china but after my 4th year i want to continue my 5th year (so called internship) in hongkong. is it possible to do that? if it is then what necessary procedures do i've to go through?somebody please help me..

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I am final year medical student from Malaysia. I am going to have my elective posting in 2months later before my final exam in end of the year. I do not know whether I able to help u or not. Recently I just applied my elective posting in Hong Kong.
After getting the advice from my friend, I have applied HK hospital through e-mail as well as phone call.香港醫院列表

You can get the contacts from the website and try to ask if any hospital is willing to accept the internship student, then tell them how long is your attachment and in which speciality you would like to be. I find it is more effective through phone call. Hopefully u can get it.