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Jun 29, 2017

Does anyone know whether the internship you get in the 3rd year of an online program needs to be near the location of the actual school? For example, if I live in Philadelphia, but I did NYUs online MHC/LPC program (this is just an illustrative example - there is no way I'm paying NYU tuition!) would I need to get an internship in NYC? And if not, would it be difficult to get an internship near Philly because that's not within NYU's 'area of influence,' so to speak? I'm unclear as to how cozy / political the relationships are between these programs and internships, and whether that internship absolutely has to be local.

Thanks for your time.


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Mar 19, 2016
Many of the online programs require students to obtain their own internship. The school may not have relationships with agencies or places which train interns. So it becomes difficult for students to obtain an internship. Supervisors may not want to supervise a student that they don’t know and don’t have any relationship with faculty to attest how the student has done so far.