Aug 2, 2014
I was wondering if it's possible to complete a residency in Interventional Radiology and then do a fellowship in Interventional Cardiology. It seems like the 2 fields have similar procedures, but the added fellowship of Interventional Cardiology would allow Interventional Radiologists to do more coronary interventions. Is it possible?


Btw I'm not trolling, this is a serious question and I googled it plus searched this forum but haven't found anything specific. I'm guessing that the only pathway to doing Interventional Cardiology is doing Internal Medicine residency, followed by Cardiology fellowship, then Interventional Cardiology fellowship. Is there any other pathway to get to Interventional Cardiology?

"The primary area for turf battles is arterial intervention. Interventional radiologists invented cardiac catheterization, they performed the first cardiac angioplasties, and designed many of the catheters used for cardiac catheterization. We did this wonderful technical thing but someone else controlled the patients. Then cardiologists said they wanted to learn cardiac catheterization and vascular surgeons said they wanted to do angioplasty. Now, there's something even bigger. The cardiologists want to treat other things, such as leg pain." - Dr. Kaufman