Interview appearance

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Jun 13, 2006
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Ok, so I have an interview coming up, and I'm going to get a haircut and bust out the nice suit. But I would really like to keep the beard I have going right now, it's nice, well trimmed, and makes me look mature. People have been telling me to shave it off for the interview...but I literally look 5 years younger with no facial hair. There isn't anything wrong with going to a interview with a nice, well trimmed beard is there?

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As long as you look presentable, they won't care.
Beard > mustache. Mustaches alone look creepy. Hahaha I would say that as long as it is nice and trimmed, it shouldn't be a problem.
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Keep the beard, just as long as it is nice and full like that of Chuck Norris.

Either they won't care or it will give them something to remember you by that other pre-meds don't have.