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    This past Friday I had my interview at DMU and came away with several positive observations.
    1. The campus is very well kept. By this i mean the buildings(especially the new sutdent center) are ver well kept including lounge rooms,lecture halls, lab, and even restrooms. Not the mention landscaping was above par.(who really cares though)
    2. People are very invloved. Whether people are joining clubs, playing football or basketball games against other schools, studying in groups... it just seemed that there was something at the university for everyong.
    3. Everyone was friendly. I saw this right from the beginning in talking to the office staff, talking to Dr. Smith while waiting for our interview, and also while we were eating lunch and taking the tour. Everyone seems like the get along well whether DPM or DO.

    I would recommend checking this school out if you haven't already. I rank it my first choice now after this past weekend. I know several students on this site already attend DMU, but if you have specific questions about how the interview went feel free to let me know.

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