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I am cuurently awaiting interviews at prospective PA programs (CU, OHSU), and have a few questions that someone might be able to help with. As far as interview attire goes, how formal should I go? I know each school is different but is there a standard for men? Is black too formal? I live in a rural town, and have never been concerned with clothing, so asking this is kind of amusing for me. If anyone has any other tips on interview questions, techniques ect. I would be greatful.


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Oct 8, 2000
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Generally speaking, a dark suit and tie is the safe way to go. You can never be overdressed with a suit when going for an interview, I don't care what program you are looking at. Stay away from the red power-tie ensemble. Other than that, it shouldn't make much difference.

Good luck!!


just a thought. if you want to be in the pacific northwest, medex and pacific u are both better programs than ohsu. ohsu believes that pa's should only work in rural areas and trains their students in that way. they have one of the only level 1 trauma centers in the area and they do not allow their own students to rotate there.the NP program at ohsu is a very strong presence on campus and is very anti-pa.the np's rotate all over the ohsu campus and the pa students are excluded.
I have precepted students from all 3 area programs and the ohsu folks are the least prepared. thought you should know.


thanks for the info. emedpa. I plan on working in a rural setting and assumed that if a program catered to rural care, it would prepare you more for practice since the availabilty of MD's would be decreased. OHSU is at the bottom of me short list; but if I chose it, do feel as though I would be able to get a quality educatiton there if they so desired? Are there preceptorships in rural areas?


G3-they have a decent program with required rural rotations. their selection of other rotations is ok but leaves a bit to be desired. medex would be my 1st choice in the area but the residency requirements for admission can be a problem; they specifically ask for applications from residents of WA, AK, ID, and WY. anyone else is out of luck.
they have a small class and a part time option, both of which are nice. also you can do many rotations in seattle area medical centers.