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Apr 12, 2007
Hey fellow derm-wannabe's,

I'm curious to know how many interviews others have thus far? Any other programs left to send out notices?

I also have a question. If someone doesn't match this year for derm, what are the chances/option for matching next year? Would it be recommended to talk to one's PD to see options to do a research year or something like that? I've noticed several of the residents at my home program have been research fellows after they didn't make it the first time. Any thoughts would be welcomed.
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Nov 5, 2008
Although your chances of matching are probably the best in the 1st attempt, I can't tell you the countless people that I know that eventually have matched after fellowships...including INTERNATIONAL applicants. So I really think that if you really, really want derm you'll eventually get there if you work hard and make connections within the've got to be proactive if you really want it...(of course, there is the standard disclaimer: there is no guarantee...)
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