Interview Offers Dalhousie!!??


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May 14, 2006
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Anyone apply to Dalhousie?

Have you been offered an interview?

Do you know how many people are accepted early decision?

Are they usually international/OOP applicants?

Got any info about Dal!?:rolleyes:


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Oct 13, 2005
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Usually they have all of their resident positions full before they start doing international interviews. However they will do interviews at the schools they visit in Utah and Maine. They only have 6 international spots and they will only interview about 12 people for those spots. This also depends on those they interviewed in Utah and Maine and whether or not they have been accepted somewhere else. I have talked to Nancy and she has told me the committee should be meeting by the end of February to decide which applicants they will offer interviews to. I have not been offered an interview yet but am waiting as well. I was on the waitlist for them last year but unfortunately here I am applying again.

The early acceptances will go out in March but only about two or three of the six spots will be filled by early acceptances. The others last year were not filled until May or June. So if this is your last hope don't get too discouraged if you don't get in because you may not hear anything until June or July and by then it is already time to send in next years app. and you end up not getting in. They will never send you a rejection letter you just kind of find out second hand from Nancy. You may end up on the waitlist because I don't think they really reject a whole lot of people but Nancy will never tell how many are on the waitlist and however many there actually are, you have to remember there are only three to four spots left.

Good luck, I hope I didn't discourage you. Dalhousie is a last chance school and it is depressing waiting so long to hear but hopefully some good news will come this year to you and me both. I really liked Dalhousie and this is my second year applying and I only interviewed at one school this year. Dalhousie is my only other school that hasn't rejected me.
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