Account on Hold
Account on Hold
Apr 27, 2014
So I am very lucky to have some interviews coming up, and as I am preparing for them, I am always stuck on three questions.

1. What was your biggest failure?
Honestly, I cant really think of anything other than like failing an exam and having to change my studying habits. My friend suggested I make something up and I am not sure if I should...

2. What is the most life changing moment in your life?
To me this was the passing of a relative. Do you think mentioning something sad like this would make the interview awkward?

3. What is a negative factor if you attend this school?
.... What can you say other than the enormous debt....

Any advice is appreciated.
Dec 24, 2013
Of course, you're concerned about not being able to answer your own questions..
1) interviewers typically aren't there to find out the worst qualities about you. Sure, they might ask you about your 3 weaknesses, but probably won't ask about failures.
2) That's ok to talk about, as long as you explain how the experience positively changed you.
3) No school should ask you what's bad about their school, unless you bring it up (which you shouldn't because you researched the school and applied there and want to attend that school).

These questions likely won't be asked. You will be more prepared if you can answer some common interview questions here:
Jun 16, 2012
Dental Student
1. For this one, that is a perfectly acceptable answer. I'm not sure why your failure has to be any worse. If you think failing an exam has the been your biggest failure, then that's that. But yeah, spin it into how you changed your studying habits and hopefully killed the next exam, etc.

2. Interviewers want to see the human side of you. This is a perfectly fine answer, as well. It won't make it awkward.

3. I don't recall ever being asked anything like this at the interviews. I wouldn't really worry about it.