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Jan 23, 2005
pretty bored now that rank lists are done and just waiting for match. i rem gettin alot of decent advice here before from upper years and just want to contribute whatever possible to future years..

1.) baby miller is more than sufficient for your anesthesia rotation. duke's anesthesia secrets is okay too, but i thought was more difficult to read. theres a green pocketbook of anesthesiology that i got for free... that was good too, for brushing up during your free time

2.) the best and easiest way to impress during your rotations is to just sit and stay in the room for the entire OR case. it's gonna be difficult for a student to get alot of face time with attendings when they do an anesthesia rotation --- becuase most liekly you'll be assigned to diff attendings every day or just asked to pop into whatever rooms you want. my advice is to just sit down in the room doing the entire OR case... chat it up with the residnet, and when the attending comes in, just say you wouldnt mind staying and shadowin him.

3.) try to find out where the next day OR schedule is posted, and find out who the attendings will be for that day.... find whichever interesting case or attending you wanna work with and spend like 10mins just reading up on the type of case that night. if you want to be a superstar, find out which resident is working in the room with you the next day..... and ask if he wouldn't mind that you draw up drugs for him in the am. obviously you should have worked with this person in the past and be trusted to do somethign like this. but one attending gave me this advice, and it was such a simple thing to do, yet made you look good.

4.) try to do a rotation in nyc if you want to interview there. same advice liekly goes for cali.

5.) emphasize the need for a LOR from a well known academic faculty. those are golden... even if they arent the best letters. you'll be suprised how many faculty know of each other, and how many times the author of your letter will be commented on.

6.) be able to present a case during interviews. my case was pretty general, but i've had friends who reported being asked very specific details about their cases.

7.) try to attend all the pre-interview dinners. those were the best opportunities for you to ask residents and gauge a sense of the program.

8.) try to schedule your interviews together in bunches. i was able to get early invites and request weekend dates in December.... so I ended up being able to put like 3 interviews together within a fri-sat-sun-mon type of thing. this helped on traveling expenses a great deal.

9.) for guys, dont worry abotu wearing a black suit..... id say about 50% of the interviewee guys had black suits on.


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Jan 1, 2003
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during rotations can also go in early and help the resident set up the room.. or set it up for them...andy checking the or schedule the night before and doing 5-10 mins of reading is a biggy.. helped me tons


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Jan 10, 2004
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Some things I learned about doing on the Interview trail:

1. Bring a back-up suit just in case

2. Bring whatever you need for the interview as "CARRY-On" for a flight; it's not fun scrambling for a suit and stuff when the plane loses your luggage (happened to a friend)

3. Bring the phone number of the residency coordinators secretary so just in case the taxi/hotel driver gets lost (it happened to me!)

4. Pre-interview dinners are not crucial but they do help with the interviews since you get to know the program very well.

5. Immediately when you get back from interview right down everything you liked and disliked about the program; it really helps when it comes down to ranking.

6. This is debatable but every interview I had I rented a car. This way I could drive to multiple interviews in one area and get to see the area (i.e. I rented a car and interviewed at Chicago, U. Iowa, and MCOW in the same trip and just drove from O'hare). Warning though you need to have a good map or be very good with directions like myself :) .

7. Try to get to know the town/city because I didn't think it would but it was very influential on how I ended up ranking (i.e. what town would be fun/great place to live)

8. One more, buy a luggage bag that will protect your suit and is easy to carry. (I learned the hard way with this; eventually broke down and bought a nice bag).

These are my tips take them for what they are worth :p