Interview Tracker 2019-2020!

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May 16, 2018
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Hey all! The below message is copy/pasted from my Reddit post. I'll add hyperlinks to my signature going forward so that it's easy to add your data as well!

I was inspired to make an interview tracker like last years (shout out to u/lpp06 and u/edhackett), with some additional changes to include information from secondaries. I started with the form that records your secondary information and based on your answer to "have you been invited to interview" question you will be routed to different pages to get more details about either your interview, rejection, or wait-time. Similar idea as last year's, but I split it into two forms for 2ndary info and II info. I deleted the secondary tracking because it's honestly not useful, imo. If you think otherwise, lemme know


Share your II information here!

Share your application outcome information here!

and then you can check on your school's data here. *(will update later)


Share your II information here!

Share your application outcome information here!

and then you can check your school's data here!

-will update the rest shortly

I also added a sheet within the school data page that shows what screening guidelines schools might have from various sources (thanks u/Eshado for starting that)

I open to suggestions in summarizing and analyzing the data, but please do not do anything without approval/ asking. Hopefully, this will be a great tool for everyone as neurotic as I am :)

edit: added DO II invite/separated MD/DO stuff; deleted secondary tracking because it's readily available on SDN and isn't helpful at this point

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Hey all!

Feel free to share your application outcome information here
It'll auto-populate into the interview tracker spreadsheet which will eventually turn into just a spreadsheet for the cycle :)
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bumping this for visibility since it's the new year and lots of IIs/As/Rs/WLs have gone out. I'd love if you would be willing to add to it :)