Interview & Waitlist advice from current apps. or students--PLEASE!


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Feb 21, 2005
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I am currently accepted at one DO school, as well as waitlisted at another (COMP). Does anyone have a rough idea of when they start to pull from the list? I have talked to the admissions people but I get too many padded answers and basically told they can pull all the way until the first day of class!!! :thumbdown: So im wondering if anyone has any practical, real-world advice as to when schools start to pull off the list?

Also, I am interviewing at NOVA in a couple of an interview this late a good sign (IE: they are needing students to fill their class), or are my chances diminished because its comparitively late in the application cycle?

I think Nova would be my top choice if they accept me. Im also wondering what my chances are since I am an OOS applicant
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