Sep 17, 2013
Medical Student (Accepted)
I'm also working during interview season, but I'm lucky enough to have a day off during the week (I work 4 10-hour days instead of 5 8-hour days), so I've mainly been scheduling around that. I got an interview at AZCOM, and I just went with the latest date, as it was the only interview day available for the day I have off. As far as interviews that I can't get on that day, I'm planning on scheduling them on days when I'll be least missed (ex: I have a job on Friday that no one else knows how to do, so I probably won't be doing many interviews on Fridays).

Also, communicate with your boss. Mine has been relatively supportive of interview scheduling as long as I give her plenty of advance notice for time off requests. Good luck! Scheduling around work stinks for interviews.