Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by Canadian boy, Nov 21, 2001.

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    Jun 2, 2001
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    does anyone have any information on interviews at UCONN or Boston? I have my interview next week.

    thanks in advance
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    Jul 9, 2001
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    0'll have your typical interview day w/a talk by the admissions dean about the school 1st, then a student led tour of the school, followed by lunch with students, and then your interview. UConn usually likes to have its interviews be 2-on-1, with 2 faculty members interviewing you 2 had read my application thoroughly and had it spread out across this table in front of them while talking to me. They asked detailed questions about my background, courses I'd taken, activities I'd engaged in, my essay (they quoted several lines from it!), and why dentistry.....This may sound intimidating, and I'll admit it was a bit more so than some other schools I've been to, but it really wasn't that bad. The profs. were friendly and weren't trying to grill me, they were just doing their best to really try to understand me and what I'm bringing to dentistry, and hope to get out of it....

    Everyone at UConn will keep telling you how hard it is there and how rigorous the curriculum is. The dean made a point of emphasizing this over and over during the morning session and the students and interviewers echoed the same sentiment....when you hear how much the students have to go through, u quickly appreciate why they all bitch about it, it does sound very daunting...then again, that's why they were #1 on part 2 and #2 on part 1 of the boards last year, you don't get to be that way w/o busting your ass more than other, if you're looking for a top-notch basic science education and great training, while maybe living through 4 yrs. of hell in the process, then it's the school for u....

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