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Nov 17, 2004
I was wondering what other invasive procedures Rad Oncs do besides brachytherapy. Thanks.

G'ville Nole

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Jun 2, 2002
Ocala, FL
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Splenectomies and radical inguinal orchiectomies.

(Totally kidding)

Brachytherapy is all, but believe me, it's enough. Gyn (intracavitary and interstitial), prostate, and breast do a fairly high volume of procedures (possibly reflective of my own institutional bias). There are also brachy procedures for head and neck, lung, CNS, sarcomas; I'm sure I'm leaving some out. The techniques vary by anatomic site, certainly enough to satisfy most in the field with a procedural bent.

I've intentionally left out things like IORT, intravascular brachy, and ocular plaques since, in my limited experience, you are basically riding shotgun with the surgical or interventional team.

I don't know if you would count radioisotope injection, but that's a pretty anti-climactic procedure.
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