Iowa vs Creighton (Omaha)

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Jun 11, 2019
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Iowa pros:
Better reputation
Lots of residency programs
More research opportunities
$15,000 scholarship (will be about a difference in total debt of $130,000)
3 hours from home/family

Iowa cons:
H/NH/P/F (I’ve heard the class averages are high so getting H is really difficult)
Iowa city is small
Higher rent/less money for living expenses

Creighton pros:
Service orientation with lots of clinical and non clinical opportunities
I loved Omaha
H/P/F and seems easier to get H
Lower cost of living and more money for living expenses
Better vibes overall tbh

Creighton cons:
Money :(
6.5ish hours from home/family

Summary: I expected to pick Iowa. Logically it makes more sense to me. After my second look at Creighton, I just had such a good feeling. I loved the school, the vibe, Omaha. I just got my scholarship offer from Iowa yesterday and it’s confusing me since I felt pretty set on Creighton.

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Definitely Iowa imo, family + money + ranking is huge. I got into Creighton just to disclose that :).
Just go to Iowa my dude. Iowa >>> Creighton any day of the week
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Congratulations! Were you able to also visit Iowa and get a sense of the vibe there/ talk to students? I visited Iowa in person for my interview (did not get in), and got into Creighton but withdrew.

I recall from talking to students at Iowa that they do not feel H/NH/P/F creates a competitive environment/ affect them negatively. The students I encountered around campus seemed very happy.

One thing I wanted to add is regarding housing I think both Iowa and Creighton have medical fraternity housing, for Iowa it is AKK and it is 420 a month and is less than a mile, University of Iowa | AKK Medical Fraternity | Iowa City not sure if this is something you can consider depending on your family situation.

Another Pro for Iowa is because it is a public school, after the first year you count as in-state so the tuition cost would be more like $38,000 minus your scholarship so about 23,000 per year just tuition. I am not sure if you received any scholarship from Creighton which would help but if not their tuition itself is 66,000.

I know it is hard but if I were in your situation I would go with Iowa. From your list, proximity to family, much more affordable, and higher ranked. Iowa also has distinction tracks, one of them being in service which can be another pro. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is you are comfortable with where you want to spend the next four years, I know Iowa is not the most exciting city but ultimately it is what matters to you the most to succeed.