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iPad Air vs iPad Mini


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Apr 27, 2018
  1. Medical Student
I’ve read some past threads, but none really comparing the two. I’m an incoming 2nd year and already have a Macbook. During first year I used OneNote, but also hand wrote a decent amount of notes/summary pages, so trying to get away from lots of paper this year. Whatever I get, I want it to be useful for rotations as well.

I keep seeing Mini is best for rotations due to size and capability, but then saw a few comments saying it doesn’t matter if it can fit in your pocket (some people just use it during downtime where you may not have to wear a coat). Would the Mini screen size be enough for note taking? Or if I went with Air, is it still small enough to bring with me during 3rd year?

Appreciate the advice!
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Sea Otter

Full Member
7+ Year Member
Feb 13, 2013
Over Yonder
  1. Attending Physician
I have an iPad Mini. Can take notes but definitely a squeeze. Would not want to use it as my primary note taking device for extended time period. Portability factor is super nice though so if that reigns king then go with the Mini. If you are just going to use it during lectures, the Air is the way to go in my opinion.
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