IR research year/fellowship

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Apr 9, 2020
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Hi folks,
Wanted to ask if anyone knows of any IR research fellowships or programs.

Seems like this is not common like Ortho or derm

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I think Memorial Sloan Kettering has IR research fellowships, if you are talking about a formal research fellowship set-up. Otherwise, many academic IR departments have some IR research projects that med students could potentially get involved in.

But yes, I don't think formal fellowships are that common. Ortho and derm are well-established residencies, whereas IR has for a long time been a fellowship-level field needing a baseline knowledge of radiology, which med students typically don't have.
I do not think the internet oversold IR. As an IR you have an opportunity to do minimally invasive procedures, hospital grunt work, and chill at home reading DR scans all for a high salary and good job security.