Is a course called "The Musical Brain" - Neuro 300 Considered in BCPM if cross-listed as music course?

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Jan 10, 2014
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Hi all, I got a less than ideal grade on a course I took as a freshman that I would rather not be included in my BCPM GPA. The course name is NBB (neuroscience) 300, but is also cross-listed as a music course (MUS 309). On my transcript, it shows NBB (neuroscience), but frankly the course was more music oriented than science oriented. If I listed the course as a music course rather than a science/neuroscience course, would this be considered dishonest?

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The actual rule for multidisciplinary courses is to go with the majority of content. So if it was mostly a music course like you say, then you should have no issues.

Worst comes to worst, I think the people who verify your app would just change the classification on you. But I don't think you'd be accused of lying for putting a music course as a music course.

But there are people on this board who have a lot more experience than me who might tell you differently.
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Also check you institution’s policy for transcripts. I had a course cross listed as both nutrition and ecology and was able to make the course labeled as nutrition even though I had originally registered as ecology.
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