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is anyone out there....


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Feb 24, 2007
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:eek: :eek: help with naplex!!!!
is there someone out there who can guide me a little? i have had unfortunate luck with the boards and failed twice. i will give myself the benefit of the doubt becuase during the time i tested i had lost three family members to terminal illness. now i'm trying for the third time and i don't know where to start! any suggestions on breaking it down or scheduling strategies? i have apha which i used for the last two and just got pronto pass. hopefully waiting for help! thanks!:scared:


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Jun 13, 2007
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Hi bella6,

Saw your posting...I too have unfortunately failed the Naplex twice. I am currently studying for it now. I am a bit stumped on what/how to go about it this time as well. I saw that this post was back in March so not sure if you have already taken it again, if so I hope the 3rd time was what you needed. Not sure if you check this these threads often so I will end the post on that note. Hope to hear from you. --Pharmasea


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Dec 19, 2004
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and just got pronto pass.
Wow. Sorry to hear that. I am not to the point of the Naplex yet; I will start my rotations in August. But, I have heard good things about Pronto Pass and was planning on buying them in the coming months. The sample cards on their website look really good. Please let us know how you like them.
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Mar 18, 2001
Hampton, GA
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I know someone who failed twice and then the third time they passesd with high 90s. What they did is the Flynn Warren review out of UGA. He is so awesome. I did his review too. He works with people who have failed the NAPLEX several times and kind of guarentees that he can help you pass it. He goes the review for everyone, but if you didn't pass, and yuo let him know in advance when you are taking it, he will sit with you and help you figure out what you need to do to pass this time. be sure to contact him early (not a week before the exam). The school that he teached at has had a 100% pass rate for 10 years in a row. That says a lot about his reviews.

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