Medical Is my GPA "fixed", and what MCAT score should I be aiming for to be competitive for MD?

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Graduated undergrad with a low GPA (cGPA~2.9 and sGPA ~2.7). Grossly overextended myself while in undergrad with rigorous research, job, and volunteer stuff. Multiple C's, and 1 F really plagued my GPA. Knew this really wasn't a lack of academic ability, but more-so being way too overextended. Was also dealing with undiagnosed ADHD throughout undergrad, which has since been treated very well by an amazing physician. I have since taken 40 credits over two semesters of post-bacc course work (Human anatomy, physiology, genetics, biochem, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, all upper level bio/chem courses.). I ended my post-bacc with a 3.97 over those 40 credits, and most recently a 4.0 over 22 credits this fall (while working full time as a medical scribe). I have boosted my cGPA to 3.1, and sGPA to 3.007. Would you recommend more classes, or is the trend over the 40 credits enough to showcase my academic abilities? What MCAT do i need to aim for to be competitive for MD? I will also apply DO in 2021.

To give some additional insight on the rest of my application - Over 2,000 clinical hours as a nurses assistant, personal care assistant, EMT, and ED scribe. 100 clinical volunteer work as an EMT working directly with supervising Medics. ~250 nonclinical volunteer hours as founder/president of a club that worked in pairing college students at my university with underprivileged children in my university's area, as well as participating in fundraisers, and directly organizing holiday parties/get-togethers with the children (worked directly with Big Brothers Big Sisters). Also have ~300 hours in a virology lab and have multiple local poster presentations, 1 poster presentation at a national conference, and 1 abstract pub in the Journal of Immunology (not sure if this is noteworthy or not to be honest). Very strong LOR from science faculty at my undergrad, and very strong LOR from physician's I scribe for.
Thanks in advance :)
You have successfully reinvented yourself and there are plenty of schools that reward this.

For MCAT scores:
513+ : MD schools
510+ : your state MD school and any DO school
505+: any DO school
500+: the newest DO schools (skip those that haven't graduated a class yet).


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Great job with your post-bac! Killed it! As Goro said above, still gotta finish off your reinvention quest with a solid MCAT to land an MD spot, but with those grades I think you are on the right track. Good luck!
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