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Jan 19, 2003
on the MCAT there will be a few questions like this...

"in response to objections to his whatever, the author would argue that blah blah blah. his response is:"

A. irrelevant, because of blah blah
B. irrelevant, because of blah blah
C. relevant, because of blah blah
D. relevant, because of blah blah

is the author ever "wrong" or are his answers "irrelevant"?

this also seems to come up in the science section when there is an experiment that we have to analyze. "the author believed that this stuff happened because of this. his response is:" this would be followed by two choices saying "correct, because of" and 2 choices saying "incorrect, because of"

it seems to me that the author/scientist is right almost all of the time. anyone else notice this?


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Sep 6, 2002
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Yeah, I have noticed this, too. I do recall one instance where the data was incorrect, though, so it's probably not safe to make that assumption. Good luck! :thumbup:
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