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Is there anyway it is possible to take the Mcat twice in one month?? Please help


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Mar 14, 2010
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    How do you get into an early acceptance program but not get a 30 on the MCAT? That's an oxymoron right there, dude. If you really want to, hammer in the PS and BS, because that's where you'll get a majority of the points--the VR is really subjective. Start the SN2 schedule as soon as you can. May seems okay but I can't tell you what to do.


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    Nov 22, 2011
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      I have been accepted to an early assurance program through my undergrad and I have two chances to get a score of a 30 before August 31 of this year. I had originally planned to take the MCAT once in June and then again at the end of July but after seeing that June is completely filled up for everywhere in NY, the surrounding states, and the state in which my college is in I am realizing this might not be possible and I am PANICING.

      I have studied a little bit throughout the semester, but I am getting only 28-29 on my practice exams and don't think I will be ready to take the exam by the end of May (all of the seats are filled anyway).

      Should I register for a date in early July, take the exam, and then pray that I can register for a July 26th seat. I know it is possible for a seat to open up but does it actually happen? One of the reasons I committed to an early assurance program is I knew where I wanted to go and don't have the money to spend on applications on top of MCAT prep, but now I feel like its going to drive me more into debt to even take the test twice! I know I am preaching to the choir here and its my fault for waiting this late, but I had no idea you could only hold one seat at a time.

      Seeing as though you are saving a LOT of money on apps, interview, traveling, etc. I don't think it would be unreasonable to take a train to a different part of the country that has the date you want open. Just get there a day or two before. Make it a vacation after and celebrate. Just make sure you feel prepared before going in, a 30 isn't something to scoff at.
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      Jun 14, 2011
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        Relax, even for new york, seats do open up towards the end. The ones you find open if you search 2 months earlier are sites in upstate NY. wait till 3 weeks prior and you'll find sites in NYC open. Based on personal experience.

        This. You're two months out on the test. Check the registration sites rigorously, and things will open up.
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